Go Viral Festival 2018

Three-day festival, aimed at spreading innovative ideas in media, business, culture, and technology

June 15-17

Interlaced: Threads of Innovation, Interaction, and Inspiration that Link Us Together
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Kazakh band
city & shivers band established in November 2015 in London. Initially conceived as a small project made with friends for the thesis work, has gradually evolved into something more and serious. The band performed at small and large festivals and venues in London. At their last concert, band was the headliner of the O2 festival at the Academy of Islington. After that, guys decide to sit in the studio, write down the accumulated material and release a small EP. Upon returning home, Arhat Amangeldin, the vocalist and guitarist of the band, decides to continue the work begun with old friends from Almaty, and share the music with the local audience. In December 2016, the band presented its debut EP album and began to perform in Almaty. The band became finalist of the international competition "Hard Rock Rising" and won "Cultural Rokotbor" competition in Kazakhstan. Members: Arhat - vocal & guitar (Almaty) Kirya - bass & press (Almaty) Zhenya - drums & wands (Almaty) Ibra - synth & electron (Almaty)
city&shivers Kazakh band
Electric Child
Electric Child Musician
Aresibo Producer of electronic music, DJ.
Kaki King
Kaki King Famous American guitarist and composer
«Swim Team» film
«Swim Team» film Produced and directed by Lara Stolman
“Profile” film
“Profile” film The film "Profile" won the "People's Choice Award" at the 68th Berlin Film Festival (2018).
Camerata Kazakhstan
Camerata Kazakhstan State ensemble of classical music
Kuat Shildebayev
Kuat Shildebayev An outstanding Kazakhstan composer
DJ Mirha Robotopolus
DJ Mirha Robotopolus Musician, DJ, punk artist.
WeHaveToNow Indie rock-band
48-hour film race
48-hour film race
American Film Showcase
American Film Showcase
Go Viral Team
Zhanna Tsoy
Zhanna Tsoy Project Coordinator
Didar Kul-Mukhammed
Didar Kul-Mukhammed Project Assistant
Wren Elhai
Wren Elhai Executive Producer
Gauhar Mukaman
Gauhar Mukaman Director
Kamila Zhusupova
Kamila Zhusupova Media Curator
Alisher Akhmetov
Alisher Akhmetov Business Curator
Timur Nusimbekov
Timur Nusimbekov Cultural Curator
Diana Tsoy
Diana Tsoy Tech Curator
Zulfiya Abdukhalikova
Zulfiya Abdukhalikova Social Impact Coordinator
Akmaral Akylbayeva
Akmaral Akylbayeva Legal Consultant
Nurgul Batyrbekova
Nurgul Batyrbekova Financial Manager
EZS Event Management
IGRAPHIC Design Consultant
Tayniy Sovetnik
Tayniy Sovetnik PR and Food
Talgat Baizhumanov
Talgat Baizhumanov Designer
Xenia Bogdanova
Xenia Bogdanova Registration Coordinator
Bibinur Zhamaliddenova
Bibinur Zhamaliddenova Volunteer Coordinator
Olga Kaplina
Olga Kaplina SMM Coordinator
Amirkhan Omarov
Amirkhan Omarov Venue coordinator
Dina Mukasheva
Dina Mukasheva Go Viral Co-Host
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