Brandon Andrews
Brandon Andrews Senior consultant at Values Partnerships
Derek Caelin
Derek Caelin Senior Innovation Advisor, Innovation for Change
Majd Nassif
Majd Nassif Producer of interactive content in Screenlife
Noel Dickover
Noel Dickover Project Director for Innovation for Change at Counterpart International
Elizabeth Stephens
Elizabeth Stephens Communications Coordinator for Innovation for Change (I4C)
Rafael Vargas-Suarez
Rafael Vargas-Suarez Artist
Andrew Suh
Andrew Suh Associate Product Manager at ProsperWorks
Lara Stolman
Lara Stolman Producer - Director - Writer
John Stanmeyer
John Stanmeyer Photographer and a documentalist from US
Kaki King
Kaki King Famous American guitarist and composer.
Adrienne Ross
Adrienne Ross Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategic Communications in Bureau of Public Affairs
Olga Breininger
Olga Breininger Author of “There was no Adderall in the Soviet Union”.
Bay McLaughlin
Bay McLaughlin Co-founder of Brinc.io
Mirko Whitfield
Mirko Whitfield Representative of the SXSW and SXSW EDU music, film and interactive festivals
Cathy Simpson
Cathy Simpson Certified scrum trainer and agile coach
Tynan Bestselling author of 7 books
Trevor Eischen
Trevor Eischen Audience engagement manager at «CALmatters»
Svetlana Dotsenko
Svetlana Dotsenko Founder and CEO of «Adian»
Jeremy Kirshbaum
Jeremy Kirshbaum Researcher, strategist, and entrepreneur
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller Сo-host of Travel Channel’s “Trip Testers”
Ben Yu
Ben Yu Founder of two startups «Sprayable» and «Stream»
Devi Lockwood
Devi Lockwood A poet, touring cyclist, and storyteller
Akmal Paiziyev
Akmal Paiziyev Head and co-founder: MyTaxi, Workly, Express24, Maxtrack
Alisher Yussupov
Alisher Yussupov CEO «Brand.uz»