The festival promotes community building, inspires innovative ideas and collaborative creative projects, raises awareness of local entrepreneurs, and promotes collaboration across cultures and industries.

Go Viral Festival & Network is a regional initiative inspired by the festival SXSW in Austin, Texas, which helps to establish and maintain links between regional opinion leaders, innovators and creative people to exchange their ideas and help achieve their goals, as well as solve important problems for them and their communities.

Go Viral is both a festival and a number of events, including lectures, workshops, panel discussions, films, musical performances and other events in the field of Media, Business, Culture and Technology from leading trend-setters from the USA, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.


Small events within the framework of GoViral took place throughout the year not only in Kazakhstan, but also throughout Central Asia. The three-day Go Viral Festival is held annually in Almaty, and since 2017 brings together leading thinkers and innovators from Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the USA in the field of media, culture, business and technology.
Nowadays, the Go Viral community consists of more than 5,500 people, including journalists, entrepreneurs, creative industry workers, social activists and professionals from various fields who want to exchange experiences, ideas and inspiration, as well as be charged with positive energy to create new projects and cooperate outside the borders.

Go Viral is a project sponsored and supported by the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Kazakhstan and implemented in partnership with the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Central Asia. It provides people with the opportunity to invent, create, promote their content, inform, entertain and successfully interact with a global audience through social networks and new platforms using new technologies.

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