Success Stories

Diana Akhual

The speaker of the February meetup in Almaty, Diana Akual, signed a cooperation contract with the Ebert Foundation of Kazakhstan. Their representative Zhibek Toktash is an active member of our community, and...

Benazir Toleubekova

Certified iOS Development Trainer
The speaker of the March meetup, Benazir Toleubekova, received an offer to finance her startup from Zhibek Makhambetova. Both are members of Almaty #GoNight.

Ulugbek Abdullaev

Project Manager, "Ibrat farzandlari"
The idea of the project came to me when I took part in the Go Viral project in 2022. Then I worked in the Ibratcamp project as an organizer, after which the...

Naim Saidrahimov

Intern, Space Art Photo Studio
One of our volunteers, Naim Saidrahimov, got an internship at the Space Art Photo Studio after the GoViral festival. The photographer from this studio was a GoSkillz trainer and festival photographer.

Malika Rakhimova

GoSkillz Tashkent participant and Next30 finalist organized #letsstandupforher (women empowerment: how women can empower other women and how men can help to build a gender inclusive society “). She was able to...

Dior Abugaforzoda

Go Mentor
One of the graduates of the 4-day GoSkillz training was invited to participate as a mentor for the mentorship program. Within a month, he will teach beginners how to shoot and edit...

Oybek Jurabaev

Oybek launched his TedxYouth project in Samarkand, GoSkillz Samarkand helped him to meet the strong pool of speakers. He is a natural leader despite his age, was able to recruit Alikhan Khakberdiev,...

Zebo Bidieva

Director, school of sign languages
In January 2022, we organized a 4-day training on visual media. At this event, we trained participants to shoot and edit videos and photos. At the end of the training, the participants...

Kutman Bostonov and Nurizat Mirlanbekkyzy

They were participants of GoSkillz training on Osh in January 2022, during training Nurizat shared what she is interested in podcasts and Kutman wanted to broadcast social problems and people of Osh...

Makhabat Zhakeeva

Founder of @amanat_felt, felt maker
She was a participant of GoSkillz training in Bishkek, December 2021, where she presented business idea with social impact (organization of leisure center for adults) aimed at preserving traditional craft knowledge and...