Nilufar Nazarzoda


People living in a remote areas have limited access to the development of technical skills. Thus, GoSkills gave an opportunity to attend an intesive workshop, learn skills in phtography, videography and design, and monitize them for the benefits of community. This story highlights GoSkills contibution to the media.

“Hello everyone! My name is Nilufar, and I am 19 years old. I was born and raised near the beautiful city of Panjakent. Currently, I live in Dushanbe, where I moved for my studies.

In early 2022, I participated in the Go Skillz training, which took place in the city of Guliston (Kayrakkum). This was my very first experience participating in a training, which I still remember with many warm memories. During the training, our trainers were Yakshibaev Ruslan (photography), Shozedova Farangis (videography), Samadova Aziza (SMM), and Farrukh Safarzade (graphic design). I was particularly interested in videography and photography. At that time, I had a modest phone, which didn’t take great pictures, but I was looking for new opportunities and tried to learn.

I clearly remember how Ruslan Yakshibaev even let me shoot with his phone. The training was amazing, and the organization was top-notch. After the training, I put in a lot of effort to enhance my skills, and eventually, I earned enough to buy my first iPhone 12. Moving to a big city motivated me to deepen my mobile photography skills.

In April 2023, I was invited to work at a cafe in Dushanbe as an SMM specialist, where the skills I acquired at the Go Viral training were very useful. A few months later, I applied for a position as a journalist and content creator at WE Project. Since then, I have been working as a journalist for City24 Dushanbe for over six months. I manage this account, write interesting posts, and attend exciting events.

Besides my main project, I also worked at the POV studio as an assistant. Thanks to Takhmina, I learned to shoot with a professional camera, discovered a lot about filming and video editing, participated in many exciting projects, and conducted several trainings on mobile videography.

Recently, I decided to leave SMM because I realized that I enjoy filming videos and creating cool reels more. At the moment, I don’t manage any accounts, I only shoot reels. I also plan to improve my graphic design skills and try myself in this field.

I am sincerely grateful to Go Viral, Manizha, all the trainers, and all the organizers of this project for providing me with not only the knowledge and skills that I use every day but also great friends with whom I still maintain warm and friendly relationships.

Go Viral is a project that organizes the most exciting events not only in Dushanbe but also in other cities of our country. This project unites, inspires new ideas, motivates, and helps to find great friends and make new acquaintances.”