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Go Viral Festival & Network

is a regional platform that facilitates establishing and maintaining connections among thought leaders, innovators, and creative individuals in Central Asian countries. It serves as a space for exchanging ideas, collaborating to achieve common goals, and addressing issues important to them and their communities.
  • 200 + Спикеров
  • 6300 + Участников
  • 5 Стран-участниц
  • 40 + Мероприятий
  • 30 + Партнеров
March 28, 2024 13:00 American Space Kulob, Institute of Technology and Innovation Management at Kulob Borbad Street, 9 microregion

#GoNight Tashkent: Glitter behind the Scenes: Key Secrets to Successful Cinema

The event started with Maftuna Abdugafforova, the Country Ambassador for GoViral, providing an introduction to Go Viral. She explained the project’s mission, outlined the upcoming events, and highlighted the opportunities available within...

ONLINE GO NIGHT: Freelance: A guide to building your remote career

An online GoNight Central Asia (CA) aimed at exploring freelance opportunities and remote work beyond traditional jobs. We created a hub for both experienced freelancers and those interested in remote work to...

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