#GoNight Dushanbe Unveils a Stunning Celebration of International Computer Graphics Day

The recent #GoNight event marked the commencement of a new year for GoViral, bringing together participants from diverse backgrounds, including 3D professionals, artists, and designers. This vibrant gathering was a celebration of International Computer Graphics Day, focusing on three dimensions: animated design, illustration, and architecture. The evening featured two enriching masterclasses and an enthralling screening.

Amir Tillaev and Parviz Burkhonov, prominent figures in the 3D realm, shared their expertise, offering valuable insights into the applications of 3D illustration in architecture and design.

Amir Tillaev, a graphic designer at HumoLab and a skilled 3D illustrator, conducted a masterclass where he showcased the creation of a captivating 3D illustration—a famous dog, which he also shared on Instagram (viewable here). Attendees not only admired his design prowess but also gained insights into the tools used for 3D illustration across various objects.

Parviz Burhonov, a 3D visualizer and co-founder of SeChenak, a design and architecture school, enlightened the audience on architectural visualization and the role of 3D in designing spaces. His masterclass included discussions on common design pitfalls and strategies to avoid them.

Attendees were treated to a viewing of “Sweeper,” a short animated film collaboratively crafted by a talented team led by John Saidahmadov, animation director, and Shodibek Sharipov, 3D artist and graphic designer. The film, which also featured the contributions of Abubakr Saidazimov and Miran Turdiev, showcased the collective brilliance of these creative minds, leaving the audience in awe.