#Community-led GoNight in Tashkent: How to attract the viewer’s attention?


The exclusive GoNight took place at Webster University. The event kicked off with a lecture by Maftuna Abdugafforova, the Go Viral ambassador in Uzbekistan, who discussed the various opportunities within Go Viral, including GoMentor, the Festival, and online courses.

Following Maftuna, Maksim Voskoboyev took the stage, starting with the fundamentals of directing. He then showcased an exclusive film excerpt, illustrating basic directorial techniques and tools. Throughout the presentation, attendees engaged by asking questions.

The second speaker, Lea Brandenburg, delved into the importance of the opening shot and scene. She shared insights on how to immerse the audience in the world of film, encouraging interaction by asking for listeners’ opinions on certain film scenes.

GoNight concluded with a distribution of Go Viral merchandise, and attendees expressed gratitude to both speakers for an enlightening lecture.