#Community-Led GoNight в Кулябе: Создание бизнеса


We are excited to present the key moments from our recent GoNight: Do Business in Kulob. Our aim was to discover and inform people about the opportunities to launch or expand a business in Kulob. This event gathered more than 50 enthusiasts, eagerly looking forward to opening their businesses in Kulob.

The event kicked off with opening remarks and a GoViral Presentation led by Parvina Sultonmamadova, GoViral Country Ambassador.

Then, Malohat Habibulozoda shared details about opportunities and ways of leading business processes from idea to launch. Some highlights from her presentation included a list of organizations and programs actively involved in supporting businesses, such as the Business Incubator, Aga Khan Foundation, YES program, Accelerate Prosperity, and various cups they are launching, such as Women Cup, IT Cup, AgroCup, UNICEF, and UNDP Tajikistan.

Next, our second speaker, Sadi Toirzoda, discussed types of businesses to consider in Kulob and outlined the steps required to open one. His presentation emphasized the importance of market research and continued customer feedback. Sadi also shared his analysis, leading to a discussion on selecting the right industry for a successful business. Sadi received a lot of questions regarding challenges to his own businesses, “Zabonomuz”, an English learning center, and start-up “Vozhaomuz”, a mobile application for learning and practicing English.

During the Q&A and networking session, the most active participants won a GoViral merch, and Sadi, the speaker, gave away two additional premium packages for studying English with his personal mobile app “Vozhaomuz”. Special thanks were extended to Abdulhamid, the American Space Kulob coordinator, who shared his perspectives and experiences on business development in Tajikistan.

Kulob itself holds promise for hosting more events. Are you eagerly anticipating a GoNight in your city? Share in the comments’ section or on our social media pages, and we will bring the event to your city!