#Go Night in Dushanbe: Create and Connect


GoNight was focused on uniting people through art and networking. The event was held in a creative hub Monee Gallery, that promotes art and culture in the city. Two zones involved are masterclass with Husnoro Juraeva and Muhammad Jamilov, and networking with Mariyamkhon Jalolova and Oro Sharifova.

The event started with opening remarks by Publo Tutillo, Public Diplomacy Officer, U.S. Embassy Dushanbe, who welcomed guests and appreciated speakers for their involvement in developing the network (in Tajik language). Then Parvina Sultonmamadova, GoViral Country Ambassador, presented GoViral and explained its vision, scheduled events for 2024. Then GoViral volunteer Mino Sharifova invited everyone to join either masterclass or networking zone.

Masterclass was led by: 

Muhammad Jamilov is a talented artist and designer with over eight years of drawing experience, specializing in anime-style illustrations. His anime drawings were featured prominently at the 2022 Anime Festival in Dushanbe, and he achieved further recognition by winning the 2023 Art Hackathon hosted by TUT-Coworking. During GoNight he showcased how to draw different anime characters.  

Husnoro Juraeva is an art activist and painter who loves getting involved in creative projects. She volunteers with YPAG and enjoys taking photos as an amateur photographer. In 2022, she helped organize the Anime Festival and designed the Art Zone. During her masterclass she taught Japanese graphics and ways to draw it. 

Both speakers showed how to draw, answered questions, and shared more information about the specifics of art. 

A networking session started with Samir who played on guitar, joined by participants who sang a song. Then we encouraged everyone to play the game. We prepared two games: bingo and blockface, both aimed to encourage participants to talk to each other, find a person with common interests, and meet with as many people as possible. We finished the evening with anime quiz and prizes.