#GoNight Ashgabat: 48 HFR: What you need to know about the contest and film production in Turkmenistan


🇹🇲 #GoNight dedicated to the 48 Hour Film Race (48HFR) took place in Ashgabat

Go Night Ashgabat dedicated to 48HFR attracted a lot of attention and participants. According to the participants’ feedback the event was marked with a creative and fun atmosphere, inspirational content and great speakers.

Go Night Ashgabat started with the Go Viral presentation with a specific focus on 48HFR. Then, the panel discussion followed with the four speakers sharing their knowledge and experience in the filmmaking industry and the 48HFR experience.

The event was conducted in Turkmen/Russian languages. Erkin Yazov and Shatlyk Ovezov, both of whom took part in the 48HFR in 2023, had their movies make it to the list of the best 48 movies in Central Asia. Annush Tashli and Rahymberdi Annagulyyev elaborated more on their experience of filming movies in Turkmenistan. They shared the opportunities that are available and are not known to the public.

After the panel session Erkin Yazov and Shatlyk Ovezov showcased their 48HFR short films for our attendees. Some of the participants expressed their admiration with their works as being very touching as well as shared their opinion that the level of the film industry in the country is apparently growing fast.

The Q/A session was unexpectedly long. It was evident that the majority of the attendants wanted to know more about the contest, film industry and speakers’ experience.

The event was full of interesting and useful information, motivation and collaborative environment. This event provided an opportunity to learn more about filmmaking strategies and receive advice from professionals who have been working in the film industry for many years.