#GoNight Bishkek: 48HFR: Secrets of Making and Promoting Films


Go Night was dedicated to the short film competition – “48 Hours Film Race” (48HFR). The speakers and their panel discussion was aimed at revealing in detail the secrets of making a quality product, their personal experience, as well as the details of participation in the race.

The event commenced with opening remarks from Jeffrey Bunting, U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs in Bishkek. He emphasized the significance of the project in bringing together speakers and participants, fostering knowledge exchange, and facilitating networking. Following his speech, our guest speakers were invited to the stage. Our guest speakers, Asel Zhuraeva and Karash Janyshov warmly welcomed the audience, shared their personal stories about how they choose their professions. They also emphasized the importance of parental support when it comes to deciding on a future career. Then they told more professional details of preparing and making films, how a feature film differs from an author’s film and what festivals they consider the most evaluative in the life of a filmmaker. During the discussion, the filmmakers dispelled common myths, how filmmakers watch movies, and how their discussions on evaluating the quality of films are conducted.

Another speaker, Argen Abdil uulu, the director of the House of Film, joined the discussion and spoke about the development of the country’s film industry, and what challenges and opportunities are available to future filmmakers.

The event concluded with a screening of short films featuring the guests, followed by a discussion. This event brought together professionals and film lovers of Kyrgyzstan. During the meeting, guestsmanaged, together with speakers Asel Zhuraeva and Karash Zhanyshov, to reveal the secrets of film production, and discussed in more detail the potential of the country’s cinematography, and also watched short films by the speakers.