#GoNight Dushanbe: 48HFR: How to produce a short film in Tajikistan?


A GoNight dedicated to the “48 Hours Film Race” (48HFR) competition was held in Dushanbe.

This GoNight aimed to host a panel discussion with talented filmmakers and participants of the 48 Hour Film Race 2023 in Central Asia on how to produce a short film in Tajikistan and what to expect beyond frames. Speakers shared information not only about their creative journeys but also their experience participating in 48HFR. Participants learnt about the filmmaking industry, watched short movies, and discussed technical aspects. Moreover, they received advice from the speakers on how to prepare for the contest in February. Additionally, both participants and speakers had an interactive Question and Answer session to address their questions.

The event began with opening remarks by Robert Revere, Information Officer from the U.S. State, who talked about the importance of such events in the country. He started his remarks in Tajik, which had a positive impact on connecting with the audience.

The panel discussion discovered 16 important questions about the film industry and the 48HFR in Central Asia. Moderator was filmmaker and videograph Guzal Kamolova. Her movie was selected as one of the TOP 48 short films in 2021, 48HFR.

Participants met with the authors of the short films and had the opportunity to ask their questions! This GoNight was definitely memorable for the participants, because they were able to ask all the questions that interested them.