#GoNight in Bishkek: 48 HFR: Exploring Filmmaking with Frank Chi


Go Night was dedicated to the short film competition – “48HFR”. Special guest Frank Chi shared his experiences in creating content, including making the leap from short to long form documentary, pitching and finding funding, and the role of documentary in politics.

The event commenced with opening remarks from Anya Erokhina, U.S. Embassy Spokesperson in Bishkek. She emphasized the significance of the project in bringing together speaker and participants, fostering knowledge exchange, and facilitating networking. Anya personally introduced and invited the guest of the evening, Frank Chi.

Frank welcomed the audience and talked about his workshops and how he planned to spend his time in Bishkek. The audience listened with interest as he talked about his journey to filmmaking, the accessibility of the media industry, and his idea for a documentary short film that was later acquired by the large streaming network HBO. This was the movie we watched during the event called “38 in the Garden”.

The short film was followed by a discussion about its content. The discussion also touched on the issue of stereotypical representations of minority groups in the film industry and ways to overcome them.