#GoNight Samarkand: 48 HFR: First steps in creating film


🇺🇿This GoNight aimed to promote the the 48 Hour Film Race (48HFR) and deepen the knowledge of listeners in the sphere of cinematography. The session offered participants knowledge, tools, and motivation to participate in the contest even if they are not professionals.

At #GoNight in Samarkand, guests had a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of cinematography, thanks to the long-awaited performances of Davron Uygunov and Timur Muratov.

🎥Davron Uygunov, a cinematographer, started his session with the theoretical part, providing hints on how to generate ideas specifically for a film and how to differentiate ideas for a film from ideas for a story. The interesting aspect of the lecture was a practical exercise that helps initiate the imagination process for our minds. At the end of his speech, he received a bunch of questions regarding the development of cinematography and where to find inspiration and ideas for films.

🏆Temur Murotov started his part with his award-winning film and continued with the story of its production. He shared the entire process of creating a film during the 48 hours. The most interesting part for the listeners was when he discussed choosing the actor for his film, which sparked active discussions as he preferred selecting a non-professional actor for the main role. The majority of questions at the end were about his trip and experience at New York Film Academy.

The event was prolonged further with Q&A session, participants interacted with speakers, and exchanged contact details.

🎬At the meeting, guests plunged into the world of art through watching two short films by Timur, analyzing how they were created.