#GoNight Shymkent: 48HFR: Film Production in Kazakhstan: What You Need to Know to Succeed


Go Night Shymkent focused on the 48 Hour Film Race (48HFR), conducted entirely in the Kazakh language. The event aimed to introduce the 48HFR contest and gathered professionals as well as speakers from Almaty to share their insights and experience from their projects. Our goal was to inspire and guide young individuals to participate in the 48HFR contest and gain professional knowledge in the film industry.

Aidana Sakhari, actress, producer, influencer, model, and young screenwriter, discussed “The Impact of Young Talent and Women in Kazakhstani Cinema: My Experience as an Actress and Producer.” She talked about how women make a difference in movies worldwide, breaking stereotypes and the special role they have in the film industry. Aidana motivated young people to get involved in cinema, highlighting the value of putting your heart into what you do. She also shared tips for young talents to succeed in the film industry, like turning personal stories into creative projects, creating a personal brand, and having good soft skills.

Aitore Zholdaskali, a talented director known for the web series “Sheker”, shared insights on “5 Dos and Don’ts” for young film directors. Aitore emphasized being open to experience and defining one’s direction. He highlighted the importance of self-confidence in decision-making and encouraged evaluating the process rather than focusing on results.


The question-and-answer session covered the speakers’ career beginnings, script work tips, and team collaboration. Aitore shared his intention to depict “hyperrealism” in Kazakh cinema.

A networking session allowed participants to interact with the speakers, who are influencers in their field.