#GoNight Tashkent: Glitter behind the Scenes: Key Secrets to Successful Cinema


The event started with Maftuna Abdugafforova, the Country Ambassador for GoViral, providing an introduction to Go Viral. She explained the project’s mission, outlined the upcoming events, and highlighted the opportunities available within the project. The focus of her presentation was mainly on the 48 Hour Film Race (48HFR), during which the audience asked several questions, demonstrating their interest.

Mumtoz Shermatiy, an actress, discussed the emotional aspects of filmmaking. Using her experience in the short film “Receipt,” she demonstrated that through strong producer skills and heartfelt acting, viewers can be moved even without dialogue. She also highlighted physical activities used by Hollywood actresses to calm down and focus.

After the exercise, there were a break, which was intended to enhance connections among attendees. The task was for everyone to give a piece of chocolate and exchange contact information. This game was well-received by participants, especially by those who were shy to engage in conversation.

Sarvar Karimov discussed the grammar of film language and the practical application of cinema theory. Participants found his lecture beneficial, noting that he explained each theoretical aspect using film excerpts. He provided numerous practical tools for enhancing video professionalism and taught how to analyze film details. The highlight for listeners was his discussion of working with Samy Naceri, the main actor in the popular film “Taxi.” Karimov showed his storyboard for filming an advertisement with Samy, highlighting the tight 24-hour timeline for the entire process.

At the conclusion of the speech, an engaging discussion ensued between the speakers and the audience regarding their experiences and studies, with participants seeking advice for contests. The event proved to be captivating, extending for an hour and a half beyond the planned duration. This was undoubtedly memorable, useful and informative session for listeners.