Manizha Babakulova

Manizha is actively engaged in civic activism and gender equality issues. Co-organizer of the exhibition "Break The Silence" dedicated to victims of domestic violence in Tajikistan

Manizha Babakulova has been the Ambassador of the Go Viral project from Tajikistan for the last two years. Before becoming an Ambassador of Go Viral, Manizha was the manager of the @tajikculture project at the Embassy of Tajikistan in the UK, which goal is to highlight the unique historical and geographical path of Tajik culture in all its appearances.

“The coolest thing is that I can use and develop all these skills and previous work experience as an Ambassador” – Manizha Babakulova

Since 2019, Manizha has been actively engaged in civic activism and gender equality issues. In 2020, she was a co-organizer of the exhibition “Break The Silence” dedicated to victims of domestic violence in Tajikistan. The exhibition featured 20 portraits of women with stories about how they were abused by their partners. The art exhibition caused a wide public response and led to a public discussion of the issue. For the last 3 years, our Ambassador has been engaged in project management. During this time, she managed various projects: — creative art projects; – media editors office; — language center; — partly Influencer Academy. “Now I’m at ease,” says Manizha, who had a completely different dream — to become a fashion designer. “After graduating from the University with a degree in State and Municipal Administration, I completely changed the route of my plans.” “At our events, people can discover new opportunities, make beneficial acquaintances and even change their lives like I did! It inspires me,”  Manizha shared a year after becoming an Ambassador of Go Viral. Manizha loves and understands content-making, graphic design, photo/ video production, art, event management.

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