Turkmenistan through the eyes of Go Viral volunteers

The volunteers of the GoViral project in Turkmenistan are very motivated, bright, talented and modern guys who see their country through a certain prism. The most active volunteers shared their impressions through photos and a short description of their vision of Turkmenistan and its beauties.

“Which city did you like the most?” — “Ashgabat.” – I always answer this question with that.

I traveled to different countries of Asia and Europe, paying attention to the architecture, infrastructure and culture of each of the countries. I remembered France the best. Its chaotic arrangement of houses and its Gothic style is simply fascinating. But with all its aesthetics, as well as other countries’ where I have been, it has always been more pleasant for me to be in Ashgabat.

I don’t know if this is because I grew up here, but I really like this city and its structure. It has a minimalistic architecture, it does not strain the eyes. And we also have wide streets and roads, I feel freedom when I walk along them. Here is a well-developed infrastructure, many hospitals, shops, parks and etc.

Yes, sometimes I want to see a variety of colorful houses and more stylized architecture. But being a graphic designer and just a resident of Ashgabat, I am sure that the long-lasting beauty lies in simplicity and minimalism. At the same time, people try to decorate even fences and lampposts. That’s very beautiful.

photo from the personal archive of Iskander Annamukhammedov

When I sent a picture of the town to my friends from other countries, they were very surprised that the city could be like this in a good way, And I want to summarize the text by saying that all countries and cities are beautiful in their own way and beauty itself is subjective for everyone. I liked every city I visited, but my city of Ashgabat is the favorite among all for me!” Tells Iskander Annamukhammedov (@demure_iskander).

“16 years ago I was born in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, and I live here to this day. This country is different for me with its special flavor. The people here are very friendly and hospitable, they are always ready to help in any situation. In Turkmenistan, you can meet very different, but at the same time talented and interesting personalities. Everyone has their own activities and hobbies. This is the world of artists, craftsmen, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs, educators and many others. I especially love local creative people who use their rich imagination to create, thus perpetuating Turkmen culture and traditions.

photo from the personal archive of Isabel Balasanova

There are many historical monuments that are visited not only by tourists, but also by people living here. History is priceless and they try to preserve it for descendants.

I love the surroundings of Ashgabat – both new and old streets that hold good memories of the past. Their beauty is emphasized by the natural world that often appears in my photos.

photo from the personal archive of Isabel Balasanova

Each part of Turkmenistan has its own atmosphere and it is difficult to express it in words. It is necessary to feel it.” Isabel Balasanova (@izabelbalasanova) shares her impressions and it’s hard not to agree with her.